HPL panels for laboratories Fundermax Max Compact Resistance


HPL panels for laboratories Fundermax Max Compact Resistance



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Because the surface, protected with a double cured urethane acrylic coating, has proven itself to be unaffected by solvents and aggressive chemicals, easy to clean and disinfect, it extends the serviceable life of your equipment (worktop panels, laboratory boards, walls, tables etc.) enormously.

Max Compact Resistance² is resistant to chemicals and highly resistant to mechanic impact. If you know what this product is designed for, you will immediately understand why that is.

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Max Compact Resistance² is made of tried and tested raw materials produced at high temperatures and pressures, which comprise the core of this unique, compact and homogeneous decorative panel laminate. Made without joints and completely enclosed, the panel always remains resistant to moisture penetration.

Max Compact Resistance is ideal for all types of laboratories, the hygiene sector, research centres, hospitals or medical surgery theatres, photo laboratories, the food industry, schools, the pharmaceutical industry and wherever absolute cleanliness and highly resistant surfaces are required.

Contact with highly concentrated acids such as nitric or hydrochloric acid leaves the surface and its colour completely unaffected, making stand out from all other compact counter-tops (laboratory panels) on the market.


  • Thicker coating.
  • Wear-resistant.
  • Silicone free.
  • Certified quality.
  • Integrated surface.

Max Resistance is a high-pressure laminate coated with melamine resin that meets the requirements of EN 438-4 Type CGS, suitable for manufacturing laboratory furniture used in high-wear areas, for interior decoration or for installing partitions, especially where superior scratch resistance and suitability for intensive cleaning are critical.