For an exterior

Finishing materials for contemporary exteriors: HPL, fibro concrete, aluminum composite, metal, terracotta, stone, perforated facades, facade louvers.

For an interior

Finishing materials for contemporary interiors: ceilings, wall panels, floor coverings, materials for furniture, WC and shower partitions.

  • HPL panels FunderMax Max Compact Exterior

    What matters more in life? The outer appearance, or inner qualities? Anyone looking for a material and solutions for façades or terraces no doubt already has the answer:


  • HPL panels FunderMax m.look Exterior | A2-Quality

    A unique product in Lithuania – non-combustible (the reaction to fire classification of A2-s1, d0) façade panels m.look Exterior.

    The greatest opportunities for freedom and creativity in harmony with fire resistance. m.look Exterior stands up to even the most adverse weather and environmental influences and skilfully combines the required safety with style.


  • Balcony and terrace floor FunderMax Hexa

    Terraces and balconies are highly important parts of buildings, taking a lot of space and affecting their aesthetic, functionality and value. FunderMax offers unique and truly high quality terrace and balcony floor panels that are resistant to weathering, feature non-slip surfaces, and are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Customers can choose from a vast range of colors and styles to create a unique decor.

    FunderMax Hexa terrace and balcony floor panels are high-quality construction products developed specifically for balcony floor, terrace and staircase surfaces. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panels (type EN 438-6 EDF) are particularly resistant to weathering due to the double layer of hardened acrylic and polyurethane resins bonded in laminating presses at high pressures and temperatures.

  • Balcony and terrace panels FunderMax

    Balconies are obviously essential parts of facades, with balcony panelling usually covering considerable areas and shaping the building’s architecture and aesthetic. FunderMax offers unique materials for balconies, which are both aesthetically pleasing, practical and durable.

  • Glassfibre reinforced concrete panels Rieder concrete skin

    Concrete skin is a large-format panels made of glassfibre reinforced concrete that combines the advantages of both materials. The technical characteristics, quality and durability facilitate the modern and versatile application of this natural product.

  • Glassfibre reinforced concrete elements Rieder formparts

    Rieder fibreC formparts offer a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of design options for architectural concrete. The folded concrete elements with an optimised fastening system enhance glass façades and serve as a refined visual and sun protection.

  • Glassfibre reinforced concrete façade slats Rieder öko skin

    Öko skin are concrete façades in a slatted design. The slats can be mounted with little effort and are, unlike wood, maintenance free. The various surfaces of öko skin help to create a lively and exclusive interplay of surfaces and colours.
  • Fiber cement cladding panels Sfibral

    Sfibral are business standard fiber cement cladding panels for facades. This is an Exterus product manufactured by a special order at a Swisspearl factory in Austria.

    Swisspearl has been manufacturing fiber cement cladding panels for 125 years and was the world’s first manufacturer of this product. This ensures the highest quality and a smooth production process.

  • Fiber cement cladding panels SCALAMID

    SCALAMID is a new brand of POZBRUK company with nearly 35 years’ of experience of producing concrete prefabricated elements. Established in 1985, POZBRUK is one of Poland’s largest manufacturers of construction materials.

  • Aluminium composite panels Alucoil Larson

    Alucoil is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aluminium composite panels. The Spanish-based multinational company specialises in the production of advanced materials for building, transport and industry sectors and has modern factories and offices on four continents. Alucoil manufactures high-quality products, such as larson® composite panels and larcore® honeycomb panels.

  • Aluminium honeycomb panels Alucoil Larcore

    Alucoil is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aluminium composite panels. The Spanish-based multinational company specialises in the production of advanced materials for building, transport and industry sectors and has modern factories and offices on four continents. Alucoil manufactures high-quality products, such as larson ® composite panels and larcore ® honeycomb panels.

  • Metal facades IMAR

    Manufactured by IMAR for nearly 100 years, these metal facade panels are an integrated solution that meets the needs of modern architecture and doesn’t constrain the architect’s imagination, allowing them to create truly unique buildings.

  • Copper Aurubis

    Aurubis copper is a natural and extremely beautiful material that meets the exacting standards of modern architecture. Copper provides beauty and luxuriousness to buildings of nearly any architectural style.

  • Terracotta façades NBK TERRART®

    TERRART® terracotta façades from NBK have opened up a completely new dimension in façade design and are appreciated by architects all over the world due to the numerous design possibilities. TERRART® terracotta façade elements from NBK are made only to individual orders, so each of them is the only one. The terracotta façades are durable, energy-efficient and easy to restore. We call such façades the façades of the future.

  • Terracotta elements NBK TERRART®-BAGUETTE

    TERRART®-BAGUETTE are ceramic pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements element on request. This natural ceramic solution is mainly used to cover window areas to protect them from direct sunlight or for an “open” façade.

  • Ceramic textile Flexbrick

    Flexbrick is a new way of using an age-old material. The revolution of ceramic surfaces improving on traditional manual installation techniques. Ceramic textile is an innovative industrialised system based on an interwoven steel wire mesh, which is enclosed in a mosaic of ceramic clay tiles stacked in horizontal and vertical bands. Its main advantage is that it provides us with an ancient material in a new format that improves on traditional manual piece-by-piece installation.

  • Perforated facade panels Exterus

    Exterus perforated façade cladding panels are custom High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and metal panel solutions. We work hand in hand with architects, real estate developers and construction companies to deliver unique facades that meet individual needs of our customers.

  • Sun shade louver Alupro AluClik

    Alupro AluClik Sun Shade Louver is a modern and efficient solution for taking control of the amount of sunlight entering the building. The louver can be easily integrated into the facade and can be used on both new and older buildings.

  • Granite

    Granite is a natural stone that contains quartz, making it highly durable, and has a varying mineral make-up, giving its many hues.