For an exterior

Finishing materials for contemporary exteriors: HPL, fibro concrete, aluminum composite, metal, terracotta, stone, perforated facades, facade louvers.

For an interior

Finishing materials for contemporary interiors: ceilings, wall panels, floor coverings, materials for furniture, WC and shower partitions.

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  • Bathroom and shower boards FunderMax Max Compact

    A full service package: we design, consult, supervise and perform installation work!

    When requirements become more demanding, if not before, then only the best will do. Fitting out ambitious buildings is no exception – and is therefore one of the speciality areas of Fundermax. It sounds relatively easy to supply furniture for a laboratory, for example, or to provide the internal lining for a wet room. But then the questions of detail arise: is the material acid-resistant without any limitations? Can it resist even permanent humidity? Can soiling, even graffiti, be easily removed without any special equipment?

  • Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings Puucomp

    Let’s create new wood experiences

    Puucomp is more than a product – it is an experience. A new way of enjoying the natural proximity of wood. The harmonic union between aesthetics and functionality. It is the joy of realising interior cladding ideas that push the boundaries of creativity. It is the fact that you can always count on the word of a Finnish carpenter. It is the feeling of co-operation that is used to build unique spaces.

  • Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings Gustafs Lamellow

    Designed for eyes and ears

    Gustafs’ products have been optimizing room sound quality for decades, from smaller offices to world-famous concert halls. Take in the forest atmosphere with wooden interiors. Studies show that staying close to nature by spending time in buildings with wood interiors, can calm us down and help us heal.

  • Acoustic decor elements Gustafs Ribs

    Gustafs timber panels let you create spaces with stunning wood slatted ceiling or use them as timber wall panels. Utilizing real wood veneer Gustafs Linear Rib System integrates the Quick-Up installation system to achieve a reliable, labour saving and exclusive interior finish. Naturally, Gustafs Linear Rib offers a design attribute which comes with the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and sound diffusion.

  • Acoustic felt system Hunter Douglas HeartFelt®

    Hunter Douglas created the ceiling that needed to be made: HeartFelt®. A modular felt ceiling system with unparalleled acoustic and visual properties. Eye and ear-pleasing design with a sustainable origin.

    HeartFelt® is an innovative, patented product that turns every ceiling into a visual and acoustic playground. HeartFelt® linear felt ceiling panels are available in round and box-shaped panels and can easily be clipped to the specially designed carriers.

  • Interior metal panels

    Exterus has an extensive network of high-quality metal suppliers from all over Europe. This gives our customers unlimited finishing options for both exterior and interior.

    We offer a wide range of metals, including copper, stainless steel, aluminium, hardened steel and zinc. Surface treatment options are also numerous and include patinating, painting, anodizing, polishing, texturing, digital printing, engraving and embossing, and our plate-forming options include perforation, bending, forging and cross-tension mesh production.

  • Interior panels FunderMax Compact Interior

    The FunderMax products Exterus represents have no limits: the panels can be used for a variety of indoor interiors, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals, laboratories, spas, swimming pools, sports clubs and much more. The products meet the requirements of fire protection class B-s2, d0, are resistant to scratches, temperature fluctuations and chemicals, and are safe to use for surfaces that come into contact with food.

  • HPL panels for laboratories Fundermax Max Compact Resistance

    Because the surface, protected with a double cured urethane acrylic coating, has proven itself to be unaffected by solvents and aggressive chemicals, easy to clean and disinfect, it extends the serviceable life of your equipment (worktop panels, laboratory boards, walls, tables etc.) enormously.

    Max Compact Resistance² is resistant to chemicals and highly resistant to mechanic impact. If you know what this product is designed for, you will immediately understand why that is.

  • Decorative laminates FunderMax HPL

    So simple and yet so delightful, when you can do much with so little. All you need is a little know-how, the right approach and a few simple ingredients. HPL (high-pressure laminate) panels from FunderMax are one such example.

    The panel is manufactured by impregnating several layers of paper with resin and then compressing them at high pressure and high temperature using a complex process. The end result is a more versatile and impressive material than any other.

  • Melamine faced chipboards FunderMax Star Favorit

    Brand-name products like this one can stand up to a second and even a third glance. Why is the Star Favorit material, in particular, one of this brand-name products par excellence? Because it is always the subject of interest – and still meets every demand.