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Sun shade louver Alupro AluClik


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Alupro AluClik Sun Shade Louver is a modern and efficient solution for taking control of the amount of sunlight entering the building. The louver can be easily integrated into the facade and can be used on both new and older buildings.

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Alupro AluClik Sun Shade Louver offers effective protection against blinding sunlight entering inside and against the overheating of buildings, and thus improves working conditions and enhance the overall comfort. The louver halts thermal radiation before it even reaches the window and allows the air to flow freely, as it is not attached to the window.

Represented by Exterus in Lithuania, Alupro offers sun shade louvers of various models, shapes and colors, also designing and manufacturing products by custom orders. All stages of work, from design to manufacture, are completed by the highly-experienced Alupro staff at its plant in Finland. This ensures the product’s outstanding quality.

Another unique feature of AluClik Sun Shade Louver is its super-fast and simple installation, which saves customers’ time and money.