Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings Puucomp


Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings Puucomp


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Let’s create new wood experiences

Puucomp is more than a product – it is an experience. A new way of enjoying the natural proximity of wood. The harmonic union between aesthetics and functionality. It is the joy of realising interior cladding ideas that push the boundaries of creativity. It is the fact that you can always count on the word of a Finnish carpenter. It is the feeling of co-operation that is used to build unique spaces.

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Style and functionality for demanding interior cladding projects

An interior cladding panel coated with genuine wood veneer has limitless expressive potential. It can dress itself in any tones and shapes you can imagine. It is very durable and enables functional acoustics and fire-safe interior cladding for both walls and ceilings. It can be fitted and finished in various ways. When you wish to create environments where people enjoy themselves, choose a partner with thousands of interior cladding projects under its belt, both in Finland and abroad.

Puucomp interior panels are ideal for public spaces where every detail must be carefully thought-out, polished and up to standards. Whether we are talking about a congress centre, concert hall, office space, hospital or school, we will take great care to ensure that the interior cladding achieves the desired atmosphere and quality.

Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings are made of fibrous gypsum and designed for interior decoration in rooms requiring perfect acoustics. The edges of the panel are made of solid wood, which provides strength at the installation points. Fiber gypsum is a mixture of gypsum and cellulose that improves the panel’s fire protection properties and is sturdy. The surface can be painted according to RAL, or covered with natural wood veneer. Multiple wood and perforation options are available.

Key technical characteristics of Puucomp fibrous gypsum acoustic panels:

  • Fire protection class: A2-s1, d0.
  • Materials: natural wood surface, solid wood edges and aluminium mounting profiles.
  • Maximum sizes: 3,000 x 1,200 mm, 12.5-15-18 mm thickness (depending on the type of perforation), 13.5-15 kg / m2 weight (12 mm thick panels).
  • Bending resistance: 3 N/mm2.
  • Internal adhesion: 1.7 N/mm2.
  • Formaldehyde release: E1.
  • Pentachlorophenol: does not contain.
  • Panel maintenance: Panels can be cleaned with a damp, wrung out cloth, a mild detergent (without abrasive), or a vacuum cleaner; wet cleaning is not recommended.