Bathroom and shower boards FunderMax Max Compact


Bathroom and shower boards FunderMax Max Compact



Country of origin

Austria, Germany


A full service package: we design, consult, supervise and perform installation work!

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Exterus offers unique bathroom and shower partition solutions: we use 12 mm FunderMax HPL panels and stainless steel fittings to produce superior quality shower enclosures. We provide our customers with a full package of services, designing, consulting on, manufacturing and installing custom products according to individual needs of each customer. The manufacturing takes place at the Exterus facility in Vilnius.

To meet the design requirements of various rooms, we have designed three different types of partitions, namely STANDARD, ALU and PREMIUM. Each model of shower enclosures is different both visually and in terms of its system characteristics. STANDARD and ALU models are open, with partitions not reaching the ceiling. PREMIUM type enclosures are currently the most popular, when customers seek more privacy and a unique appearance. The finishing panels of this system are installed from floor to ceiling, giving it a distinctive and unique look.

Key technical characteristics of FunderMax Max Compact panels:

  • Thickness: 12 mm.
  • Format: 2800×1300; 2800×1854; 4100×1300; 4100×1854 mm.
  • Frameless partition fastening systems are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • They have a melamine resin coating and meet the requirements of standard EN 438-4 Type CGS.
  • The decorative finish is identical on both sides.
  • Density according to DIN 52350/ISO 1183: ≥ 1.4 g/cm3.
  • Scratch resistance: according to EN 438-2 (10): 450U.
  • Maximum expansion: according to EN 438-2 (17): 0.05% longitudinal, 0.15% transverse.
  • Resistance to boiling water: according to EN 438-2 (12): 0.3%.
  • Resistance to cigarette burns: according to EN 438-2 (30): Grade 5 – invisible alterations 3).
  • Resistance to hot pots: according to EN 438-2 (16): Grade 5 – no visible alterations, blistering or cracks 4).

Manufacturer of HPL boards Exterus represents not only ensures quality control in accordance with all EU requirements, but also has its own quality control laboratory.