Ceramic textile Flexbrick


Ceramic textile Flexbrick

Country of origin

Barcelona, Spain




Flexbrick is a new way of using an age-old material. The revolution of ceramic surfaces improving on traditional manual installation techniques. Ceramic textile is an innovative industrialised system based on an interwoven steel wire mesh, which is enclosed in a mosaic of ceramic clay tiles stacked in horizontal and vertical bands. Its main advantage is that it provides us with an ancient material in a new format that improves on traditional manual piece-by-piece installation.

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Being highly flexible, the textile can be folded onto pallets for storage and transportation, taking up little space and easy to move. The long strips make its installation easy, quick and economical to reduce emissions.

Flexbrick is versatile: The same Flexbrick with identical aesthetic finishing can be used in facades, concrete panels, pavements, structures, etc. Flexbrick may be customized to meet each project needs, allowing to choose for each case the density of pieces, tissue geometric patterns, different materials, formats and finishings.

Flexbrick ceramic textiles are feasible for architecture and civil engineering works, interior designs, furniture and design of communicative surfaces (corporate).