Interior metal panels


Interior metal panels


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Exterus has an extensive network of high-quality metal suppliers from all over Europe. This gives our customers unlimited finishing options for both exterior and interior.

We offer a wide range of metals, including copper, stainless steel, aluminium, hardened steel and zinc. Surface treatment options are also numerous and include patinating, painting, anodizing, polishing, texturing, digital printing, engraving and embossing, and our plate-forming options include perforation, bending, forging and cross-tension mesh production.

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Acoustic characteristics

The wall panel can be perforated in various patterns and supplied with acoustic fabric glued to the inside of the cartridges or mineral wool filler in acoustic film bags.

Customers may choose from a variety of metals, shapes, surfaces, perforations and colours. These are custom products, and our professional staff will help you choose the best and most efficient solutions best suited to your individual needs.