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Interior panels FunderMax Compact Interior



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The FunderMax products Exterus represents have no limits: the panels can be used for a variety of indoor interiors, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals, laboratories, spas, swimming pools, sports clubs and much more. The products meet the requirements of fire protection class B-s2, d0, are resistant to scratches, temperature fluctuations and chemicals, and are safe to use for surfaces that come into contact with food.

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When requirements become more demanding, if not before, then only the best will do. Fitting out ambitious buildings is no exception – and is therefore one of the speciality areas of Fundermax. It sounds relatively easy to supply furniture for a laboratory, for example, or to provide the internal lining for a wet room. But then the questions of detail arise: is the material acid-resistant without any limitations? Can it resist even permanent humidity? Can soiling, even graffiti, be easily removed without any special equipment?

Max Compact Interior from Fundermax is a range of HPL – High Pressure Laminates that can answer all these questions with YES without exception. And in addition: rooms subject to high demands are often particularly elaborate in their design. A grey kindergarten? A monotone canteen? A gloomy laboratory? All unthinkable – and also unnecessary. Max Compact Interior uses the entire colour pallet of life and brings this special atmosphere in any conceivable application area.
The Austrian manufacturer FunderMax always strives to combine unique ideas and quality materials. It always keeps a close eye on the market and looks to create what it lacks. FunderMax may as well be called a design laboratory whose main strength lies in manufacturing HPL boards.

All materials are manufactured with sustainability front and centre, decors are designed with the latest trends in mind, and quality and attention to detail accompany every step of the production process.

Hundreds of colours and decor options

Concrete or stone, wood, stainless steel, or bright neon colours – the sky is the limit. FunderMax production technology makes it possible to create a particularly realistic decor such as oak, concrete or leather, which provides comprehensive protection against vandalism, is safe in contact with food and meets high fire protection requirements. The panels are also unique in that their core is monochromatic throughout the volume, either black or white. Which means that the edges will always be as durable and decorative as the surface.

We offer over 300 colour and decor options and can also design individual patterns or include drawings or photos.

HPL panels are also widely used in manufacturing kitchen worktops, as they are extremely resistant to damage and do not pose danger to human health. Thanks to its easy maintenance, the HPL panel is very well suited for partitions and wall surfaces, and, due to its antibacterial properties, can be used for surfaces on which food is made and which need to cleaned / disinfected frequently.

The compact HPL panel can be 1 mm to 20 mm thick as needed: 6 to 8 mm thick panels are usually recommended for wall decoration; 15 mm thick panels for flooring; 6 mm thick, for ceiling; 10 mm, for table tops – it all depends on the purpose of use and the structures in the room.

Limitless applications of FunderMax Compact Interior HPL panels

SPAs, swimming pools, gyms:

FunderMax HPL panels are resistant to moisture and chemical cleaners. The panels can be used for shower partitions and in treatment rooms, where water, steam and regular cleaning are the daily reality. Changing rooms, toilets and showers built from these panels will tolerate moisture and cleaning with aggressive chemicals.

Hospitals and laboratories:

With this application FunderMax in mind came up with a special product line, Max Reisistnce². This panel is especially resistant to aggressive chemicals (e.g., nitric, hydrochloric acid, solvents) and is non-porous, so it can be disinfected to achieve a sterile environment – a must in operating theatres.

Kindergartens and schools:

The thin and durable material is perfect for making children’s indoor and outdoor furniture of curious shapes. It is ideal not only for maintaining a hygienic environment, but also for protecting walls from kids’ experiments, as paint and felt-tip pens are easy to wipe of and plasticine will not leave greasy stains. Panels with a glossy surface are suitable for writing on with a whiteboard marker. FunderMax went so far as to design a special laminate that attracts little magnets!